REVIEW: Double Bill: The Real Thing and 100

Southampton University Students Union Theatre Group, The Annex Theatre

TOM Stoppard's 'The Real Thing' is a witty and profound exploration of marital and extra marital love, laced with characteristic theatrical tricks.

Anand Sankar is very impressive as Henry, relaxed and believable, and Paige Williams, makes a sensitive, likeable debut as Anna, though some subtle points connected with the differing outlooks of characters ranging in age from “40-ish” to 17 are not made entirely clear, and the use of music to cover frequent and rapid scene changes only slows things down.

“100”, written by three members of the group “The Imaginary Body” shows four people challenged by the Death like Guide (Alex Heyre) to select just one personal memory to spend eternity with. First time Directors Ilsa Jones and Flora Whitmarsh skilfully marshal their players through various effectively staged moments, while Emily Bradshaw, as Nia, establishes a particularly distinctive stage presence.

A thoroughly engaging evening, then, packed with promise.

Ham Quentin