The Annex

ALWAYS looking for something new, the University company unearthed a good one here. Peter Stone’s original book and concept certainly benefit from additional witty and humorous lyrics from John Kander and Rupert Holmes. Essentially a murder-mystery send-up, set within a touring theatre company in the 1950s, the leading-lady is shot on opening night in Boston. Although she’s considered to be no great loss, Detective Frank Cioffi is detailed to investigate and Josh Vaastra makes the most of his major role. Lydia Edge was, for me, the star, as Carmen Bernstein, alongside the vivacious Phoebe Armstrong as her daughter Bambi. Victoria Howard-Andrews (as Georgia) sang very well, Nadia Allen (a confident Nikki) and Jamie Martin (as Aaron Fox) delivered some sensitive solos. Directors Andy Banks and Charlie Taylor’s show was full of life, with energetic choreography from first-timer Annabelle Williams, Megan Hilling’s lively band (nice solo!) and spot-on harmonies from the whole company.

Alan Johns