Cheriton Players,

Cheriton Village Hall

STAGED as a fundraiser, with the aim of purchasing the village hall, the variety performance, showcased the community spirit, as well as the village talent. The night had the necessary prerequisites, a risqué compere (Paddy Roadnight), an “on que” backstage team, cheerful front of house and a talented pianist (Chris Burton), stepping in at the last minute. Each an important team member, but there is no show without a cast. Based largely on musical numbers, with a smattering of sketches, there were some stand out moments. Alison Carter wowed us vocally with, Tonight (West Side Story) and Summertime (Porgy and Bess) and those who attended the Curtain Call awards, will be jealous to know that we got to hear Phantom of the Opera again (Sophie Jarrett and Toby Cooper). There was also a well-done Melodrama, with a twist, some comedy skits and some original songs. The atmosphere was brimming with bonhomie, and a thoroughly lovely evening was had.

Rebecca Case