The Witches of Eastwick

Basingstoke Amateur Operatic Society

Haymarket, Basingstoke

John Updike’s novel was turned into a very successful film, mainly due to the A-list Hollywood cast. Director Sue Sampson cast her own spell in recruiting three accomplished performers to play the lead parts and a leading man who more than matched them. Alex Stores (Alex Spofford), Danni Stembridge (Jane Smart) and Emily Gregory (Sukie Rougemont) treated a packed audience to spot-on solos and impeccable harmonies. Their seduction by newcomer to stuffy, sleepy, Eastwick, the charismatic Darryl Van Horne, set their hearts racing and tongues wagging and Robert Wilson was simply sensational as the devil-incarnate. Kathy-May Miller was another star-turn, as frosty busybody Felicia Gabriel alongside henpecked husband Clyde (Martin Sampson). Megan Hindmarsh (Jennifer Gabriel), George Price (Michael Spofford) and Hannah Baker (Little Girl) had their own opportunities to shine and the ensemble sang and moved well to Harriet Brannam’s choreography. With crystal-clear sound, and Musical Director Jules Dance’s excellent orchestra, the show was spellbinding!

Alan Johns