Stickman Productions

Hanger Farm Arts Centre

AS the name suggests, set in the Derbyshire town of Bakewell, competition organiser Victoria Sponge (Marie Ridley) carried the show impressively and introduced the contestants and judges. With all ten performers seizing their opportunity to rise to the occasion, Director and Choreographer Elle Woods made good use of all the ingredients to deliver an excellent show. The judges; Mary-Rose Finden (Griselda Pratt-Dewhurst), Holly Ind (Susie Sunflower) and Mark Hill (Hugh Dripp) had the most lines although Musical Director Teddy Clements was a constant source of merriment as cross-dressing contestant Henrietta Apfelstrudel. Laura Bunyan was a fruity Tina Tartin, Alicia Fairhurst pure of voice as Sister Mary and Daniella Gambier also sang well as Flora Drizzle. Mike Alborough was likeable as shy postman Freddie Twist, Felicity Farrell cute as Holly Berry and Asha Nayaka a spicy Pradeepta Smith. Inter-action with the audience added to what was a very enjoyable show, jam-packed with laughs. A recipe for success.

Alan Johns