REVIEW: ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’

Titchfield Festival Theatre,

The Great Barn, Titchfield.

FALLING rather uncomfortably between Tragedy and Comedy, ‘All’s Well’ has been described as a ‘problem play’ and not one of Shakespeare’s best. However, with its story, set in France and Italy, of Helena’s one-sided love for the shallow Bertram, it is still a popular choice for production as it shows how true love can triumph in the face of rejection, and boasters will ultimately be humiliated.

As Helena, in love with the disdainful Bertram, Katie Watson, in her Great Barn debut, lit up the stage, not only with the total credibility of her character, but also with her confidence and the clarity of her diction. Alec Clements, as Bertram, the unwilling object of her affection, matched her with his energy, arrogance and punchy delivery.

As the strong-willed Countess, Helena’s protector, Georgie Gulliford added another enjoyable character to her extensive repertoire, sympathetic to Helena’s plight, yet classy, elegant and determined.

Ed Howson