Spot On Productions’

The Berry Theatre

THE relationship between recently graduated Princeton and Kate Monster is the thread that connects this very funny, non-pc, show. Jobless and seeking purpose, their plight is universally recognisable. Callum Sean (Princeton) and Imogen Johnson (Kate) portray their characters wonderfully well, as do the others in the production, mostly skilfully utilising the medium of puppetry. Johnson, particularly, has a beautiful voice showcased on There’s a Fine, Fine Line. I also really liked Hannah Scanlan’s portrayal of Japanese girl Christmas Eve and her solo When You Ruv Someone was a showstopper. As Brian, her henpecked husband, Director Adam Myers was charismatic and Daniel Farrell was excellent as in-denial Rod. Kate Robbins’ musical debut was memorable, gifted with a lovely voice she played her three parts very well. Of the supporting cast, Liam Baker (Gary), James Gould (Trekkie) and Ed Hauschild (Bad Idea Bear) all had their moments. The set was impressive, as was Martin Bennetts’ orchestra. Well worth a look!

Alan Johns