The Actress

Poulner Players, 1st Poulner Scouts Hall, Ringwood

This production of Peter Quilter's 2014 play lacks bite but offers what one might expect from its story of a theatrical star's farewell performance – a knowing dresser (Becky North), a mocking but still amorous ex husband (Steve Russell), a hostile company manager (Julie Lax), her resentful agent (Alla Mills' drunken tirade is a highlight) and unstarry eyed daughter (Teresa Miller, who at first seems to be wearing some bizarre stage costume but, one must assume, is merely in generic teen rebel uniform that signifies nothing, as she accepts her mother's self centredness with tolerant amusement).

That she should abandon her glittering stage career for such an elderly and frail Swiss banker as Nigel Bonynge portrays is perhaps a little surprising, but his performance is amusing, so we like the old boy.

Christine Hughes leads with confidence, showing some affection for her ex, and her character's true love of applause.

Ham Quentin