REVIEW: Old Time Music Hall, Salisbury Studio Theatre

THE perfect antidote to chase away wind and rain, the Salisbury Studio Theatre performed a traditional Old Time Music Hall, complete with obligatory sing a long, melodrama, sauciness and Michael Bowyer overcoming a severe sore throat to keep shenanigans going. Rowena Greenaway directs with confidence of the genre allowing a variety of party pieces to be put on display. James Patterson's Gunner Joe was well executed whilst Camilla Burgess purred her way through her military conquest song. Songs formed the bedrock but complemented with bursts of comedy, David Taylor showing great verve and comedic skill. The venue was well be-decked, lighting diction and use of the background graphic screen excellent and well thought out. Ute Schwarting on piano and David Bennett on drums complemented proceedings perfectly. Do, do, go and have a drink or two!

David Putley