Titchfield Festival Theatre

The Great Barn, Titchfield.

This is an interesting choice of play for TFT, being one of the most overtly political in the Shakespeare canon, and so not often performed, particularly by amateurs. But it has many merits, as the plot encompasses civil unrest, food shortages, military campaigns and betrayal in high places.

Nathan Webb, as the eponymous general, grasped the role with both hands, muscling his way through every situation like an East End heavy, finally succumbing to the heartfelt entreaties of his mother Volumnia (another fine, though at times too quiet performance by Georgie Gulliford), which ultimately lead to his death.

Opposing him, both on and off the battlefield was Nadine Redman as Aufidius in a most enjoyably strong performance, with great stage presence and good diction.

In the smaller, though crucial role of the scheming tribune Brutus, Ben Willcocks commanded the stage in all his scenes and was a joy to watch.

Ed Howson