This is an extraordinary tap dance show – compelling, atmospheric, and utterly unique.

Forget about traditional tap dance, with top hat and tails, bow ties and canes, and corny predictable choreography ... this show is gritty, edgy and bang up-to-date.

Created in 2014 as an Edinburgh Festival fringe show, the performance features five outstanding young tap dancers, blended with a live band comprising effective keyboards, stylish guitar, scintillating drums, and atmospheric female lead vocal.

On a simple wooden stage set, the explosive blend of powerful live music and thrillingly athletic choreography features tight tap crescendos, contrasted with subtle barefoot balletic dancing, with quiet drums played finger-style.

Unfortunately, lacking a useful and informative cast list or show programme, there are no credits for the marvellous performers. Lacking any helpful patter between numbers, the audience is unaware of song titles or background information about the tap ensemble.

Nevertheless, there is an infectious joie de vivre about this original performance. Passion, precision and panache define the tap dancing, gliding and sliding punctuate the drama, with traditional jazz “call and response” between musicians and dancers illuminating the tight taut choreography and musical arrangements.

Despite the feeble title “Fall Out”, this energetic show blends hints of Spanish flamenco, Irish step-dance, and jazz/rock rhythms to entertain a clearly captivated audience.

This short yet explosive modern tap dance show runs until Saturday, including matinee.

Brendan McCusker