On the very day that showbiz lost one of its oldest brightest stars – the endearing old trouper Ken Dodd – this wonderful play about showbiz actors opened in Salisbury.

This is the compelling and funny story of four ageing opera singers coming to terms with increasing age and disintegration while hanging on to their dreams, talents and showbiz traditions.

Cecily, Reggie, and Wilfred live out their retirement days in a magnificent home where rumours suggest a new resident – a star! – is about to arrive. Old rivalries will resurface, secrets will be revealed, and chaos will reign – unless the luvvies can hold the show together.

But what if the new arrival doesn’t want to sing? Or take any part in any showbiz revivals? Award-winning playwright Ronald Harwood poses the questions – does the theatre have healing powers? Is there value in putting on a show? Does time devalue talent?

Four wonderful actors – Paul Nicholas ( Just Good Friends), Jeff Rawle (Harry Potter), Wendi Peters ( Coronation Street), and Sue Holderness (Only Fools And Horses) effortlessly deliver a wide mix of emotions, holding the audience spellbound.

Comic timing is immaculate, costumes and set design compelling, the audience completely engrossed by the plot development.

But will these damaged and deteriorating opera singers actually manage to get on together after all this time? And will they be able to actually sing again?

Runs until Saturday, matinees Thursday and Saturday.

The show must go on!

Brendan McCusker