THIS is the stage adaptation of PG Wodehouse’s famous golfing stories.

Wodehouse, the popular short story writer and novelist, brilliantly created the well-loved characters Bertie Wooster and his “Gentleman’s Gentleman” Jeeves, starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry in the wonderful BBC TV series Jeeves & Wooster.

As always with Salisbury Playhouse, the stage set – stylishly designed here by James Button – is magnificently convincing and atmospheric, with its traditional Wood Hills Surrey Golf Club comfortable and familiar.

The “Oldest Member” is ensconced in his favourite armchair, snoozing the day away, while the club barman pours yet another whisky and water for golf club members playing on the manicured Links, as seen through the panoramic windows.

Among seven superb actors, Michael Fenton Stevens is outstanding as “The Oldest Member”, narrating the anecdotes and stories, encouraging the disparate characters, driving the drama, and engaging the audience directly.

As the Golf Club barman Fitt, Tim Frances is wonderful not only as the wise confidante, but also as the resident pianist creating atmosphere in the musical numbers and also convincing sound effects as golf balls fly through the air.

Adam Jackson-Smith conveys the youthful edginess of new member Jack, and Tiffany Graves as Gloria controls the humorous asides.

The stage sofa becomes an additional character with its various and creative uses.

Some of the humour resorts to slapstick and clichés, but it’s all spiffing fun.

Runs until Saturday June 23, matinees Thursdays and Saturdays.

Brendan McCusker