WELSH actor Rhodri Miles returns to the Forest Arts Centre on Wednesday with another one man show following the success of his performance Burton last spring. Miles, who has appeared in Game of Thrones and Torchwood, having won the Best Actor Award at the Hollywood Fringe Festival for his portrayal of Richard Burton, now takes on the iconic character of Dylan Thomas in this new show.

Clown in the Moon, the title of a poem Thomas wrote in his teens, is an intimate glance into the chaotic and all too brief life of famous Welsh writer, Dylan Thomas.

This enigmatic performance takes on the eccentricity and tragedy of the poet. Wrestling with the darker side of his personality alongside his humour and clownish antics in pubs, bars and parties, depicting scenes from Thomas’ life as well as featuring his poems.

The show is bursting with the talent of Rhodri Miles, moving effortlessly between outlandish eccentricity and a more grounded, intimate portrayal of poignant moments, all interspersed with readings of Dylan’s poetry at the BBC radio studios London.