CHERITON Players present their latest production Fallen Angels from November 21-24.

Such is the popularity of this local theatre group which puts on two shows a year, that sell-outs are becoming very much the norm and this looks likely to be no exception.

Fallen Angels is a delightfully witty comedy written and set in the 1920s and penned by the inimitable debonair and sophisticated Noel Coward who was then also in his early twenties. When first staged in the West End in 1925 it caused something of a shock – in fact it was officially recommended that a performing licence was refused on the grounds that the ‘loose morals’ of the two main female characters – once played in a TV adaptation by Susanna York and Joan Collins – would lead to ‘too great a scandal’.

Ninety years on and it is laughable that such censorship should ever have been seriously considered. But the observation of the ‘indolent privileged people’ at the heart of the plot seems as relevant today as it does quaint and as the two ladies, played by Fiona Mackay and Denise Truscott, work themselves into a frenzy about the imminent arrival of a mutual ex-lover, the amusing storyline strikes a resonant chord.

Fallen Angels runs from 21st to 24th November at Cheriton Village Hall.

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