DO YOU remember what it felt like to believe in fairies and honestly think you would never, ever grow up?

If not, then Southampton’s Mayflower theatre is the place to visit this Christmas.

For two-and-a-half hours this jaw-dropping musical production will transport you back to that magical time when swashbuckling pirates fought with swords, crocodiles ate the baddies and happy thoughts were all you needed to fly.

The classic tale of Peter Pan is not your average seasonal offering. But this famous children’s adventure takes theatre-goers on a magical journey to Neverland with all the incredible trimmings you would expect from producer Michael Rose.

The trademark stunts and incredible visual effects could not fail to impress as children and adults alike gasped watching Peter and his friends fly.

The audience were in touching distance of Peter, played with magnificent intensity by Daniel Boys, as he swung above the stalls and into the dress circle.

He was perfectly matched note for note by the lovely Katy Ray as Wendy, eldest sister of John and Michael who shared great on-stage chemistry.

Former EastEnders star Lucy Benjamin showed off her singing skills as mother of the children Mrs Darling.

Her stage husband was played by Ben Richards who also took on the role of Jack Sparrow-esque Captain Hook, providing many a comic moment complemented fabulously by his band of camp dancing pirates.

But one of the biggest stars of the night was funnyman Les Dennis as the slightly dim pirate Smee, whose comic timing and wisecracks always got big laughs.

It may not be a typical panto – there was no sign of the usual clichés and Christmas singalongs to finish the night – but what Peter Pan does offer is a breathtaking journey back to Neverland that can’t fail to warm even the coldest hearts.