CENTRED around the lives of pubescent high-schoolers at a performing arts college; Fame largely consists of under-developed characters, lycra-thin plots and sappy songs with as much passion as a leg warmer!

The Showstoppers cast and crew valiantly tried to breathe life into the limp storyline and there were undoubtedly some accomplished performances.

Emma Bryant (Miss Bell) and Amy Fitzgibbon (Miss Sherman) sang with fervour in their stand-off.

Tobi Dawodo (Tyrone) and Stacey Barnett (Iris) could certainly dance and Jeremy McCabe (Joe) provided some much needed comedy.

On the downside, the stage felt overcrowded, the lyrics were difficult to hear at times and the cinematography added nothing more than light entertainment.

However, I did enjoy the intelligent use of the lockers to define the scenes and the overall energy and enthusiasm saved the evening.