Spring Awakening is quite some coming-of-age tale with its frank portrayal of sexual turmoil, experimentation and abuse, abortion, suicide and perhaps even love!

The edgy script is set to folkinfused rock music. It perhaps sounds an unlikely combination but when performed by Showstoppers it flows like the finest poetry, plucking emotions from the unwitting audience and disregarding them at will.

I am certain I was not the only person who felt wrung out, given the stunned silences and gentle sound of people surreptitiously wiping away a tear.

The cast portrayed their adolescent characters with a naive vulnerability and all deserve a mention, as does the haunting and soulful singing and sharp choreography.

Jez Roberts (Melchior) took the lead as the charismatic genius, discovering the corruption within himself and others.

Stephanie Amies and Mark Hill showed exceptional talent, playing many parts, each subtly different and all utterly believable.

The director and production team have created a sensitive, not to be missed show.