HAMPSHIRE MP Caroline Nokes has confirmed she has divorced from her husband, calling it a “personal tragedy”.

The Romsey and Southampton North MP issued a statement yesterday confirming that she and husband Marc had now divorced.

She wrote that: “The divorce was not related to newspaper coverage of inaccurate allegations made in June 2010, which in turn led to successful legal action against a national newspaper.

“My decision to divorce my husband was for entirely unrelated reasons, but was a mutual decision taken after much reflection and discussion with our daughter and families. Marc and I remain on extremely good terms, and continue to put the interests of our daughter first, and we look forward to the future as friends.

“My decision to divorce is obviously one which will sadden many, and is a personal tragedy. However, it has no impact on my role as a Member of Parliament.”

She added: “I merely wish to get on with my job as a Member of Parliament, and be a mother to my child. This remains a private matter.”