MORE snow was forecast to fall across Hampshire today after temperatures plummeted below freezing overnight.

Weather experts warned of another dose of the white stuff, which was set to fall on icy roads as the cold snap showed no signs of going away.

The Met Office is even predicting another possible whiteout towards the end of this week.

Yesterday saw parts of the county get a further dusting of snow with up to half an inch (1cm) falling in Southampton.

Temperatures were set to fall last night in Southampton to -4C (25F) and -8C (18F) in countryside areas where there was deeper snow lying, particularly in the north-east of the county.

Travel chaos It could mean more travel chaos as people across the county tried to return to work and school this morning.

The Met Office said further flurries of snow from about 11am today would combine with temperatures of about 0C (32F) in Southampton, meaning it would stay icy all day.

A yellow warning for ice in Hampshire put in place across the county over the weekend remains in force today.

The Met Office said a weather system running along the south coast would bring a mixture of rain, sleet and snow in the next few days as far as Wednesday morning and that temperatures will remain at about 0C (32F).

Wednesday and Thursday will be dry, but very cold, with temperatures at night falling to -8C (18F) in the countryside and -4C (25F) in the city and a couple of degrees above freezing during the day.

Met Office forecaster Helen Chivers told the Daily Echo that people need to take care when travelling, because of the ice.

She said: “There’s no sign of the cold letting up this week. Ice is going to stay as a big problem for the Southampton area through the week.”

She said there was a possibility of further snow later in the week heading into the weekend due to very cold air across the whole of the UK and a milder weather system moving in from the Atlantic, bringing the risk of snow when they meet. However, it is too early to predict this for certain or how much snowfall, she added.

The south had about two inches (5cm) of snow on Friday, bringing travel chaos for many, and temperatures have remained at about -1C (30F) in the last few days.