LIFEBOATS across Hampshire had to brave treacherous conditions more than 120 times to rescue sailors during 2012.

Volunteers from the county’s RNLI were despatched 126 times last year and rescued 150 people from perilous coastal waters.

The RNLI’s top brass have thanked not only all of Hampshire’s RNLI volunteers, but also their friends, family and employers for their devotion to saving lives at sea.

Calshot’s lifeboat crew – which serves Southampton Water – was called out 93 times to rescue 103 people.

Rescuing eight passengers from a 70ft yacht that had run aground was just one of the emergencies the crew had to respond to as part of its 450 hours spent at sea.

Helping Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service while a fire had been unleashed on a bridge in the town was one of Lymington lifeboat’s 33 launches last year.

They rescued 47 people.