Police are today questioning two men after elderly people were targeted in series of raids across Hampshire.

Among the victims of the break-ins was a vulnerable man in his late 80s who suffers from dementia.

Also targeted was the home of an elderly woman who had been taken into hospital because she was seriously ill was also targeted.

Others included people who were away on holiday at the time.

In total 11 homes were burgled in Pennington and Lymington between September and January.

Their haul ranged from small but valuable items such as Ipods, to wide-screen televisions. Sentimental pieces of jewellery.

Personal belongings have also been stolen during the burglaries and each time entry was forced into their homes.

The pair being held in police custody are aged 54 and 44 and are both from Pennington.

Detective sergeant Matt Taylor said: β€œIn each of these burglaries, which we believe are linked, valuable items have been stolen as well as other things such as jewellery which may not have much monetary value but are hugely sentimental to their owners.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Op Tuba team at Lyndhurst CID on 101.