It was brought as a “cheap run around” by a Southampton student for just £30 back in 1966.

This vintage 1937 MG was snapped up by a young Lob Vinycomb from a Hampshire garage almost half a century ago.

Now, 46 years later, the same car has been sold by the same garage - for more than £60,000.

But Isle of Wight man Lob was briefly reunited with the prized vehicle, before it is handed over to its new owners.

Philip Scott, owner of Beaulieu Garage in the New Forest, was contacted by the car's latest owner, who lived in Cornwall, asking if he would interested in selling the collectable SA Drophead Coupe.

He was taken aback by the “stunning” four-seater vehicle and agreed to display it in his showroom.

But Philip was unaware of the car's history until Lob's brother, Andrew, drove past the garage and spotted the car by chance.

Philip said: “We had the car up for sale at the end of last year. Andrew just happened to be passing by and recognised the car and registration number.

“He pulled over and got straight on the phone to his brother on the Isle of Wight to ask if he recognised the number plate.

“He was very keen to come in and see it. He brought in all his old pictures of it from back in the day and we took him for a spin in it. He was in his element.

“Back when he had it, it was just his everyday run around. Now it's a prized vintage collector's piece.”

Lob said: “It was just like it used to be. I could quite easily get used to that again.”

The car was brought by a world-renowned restorer of cars in 1986 - when £56,000 was spent to bring it back to its former glory.

Beaulieu Garage placed it on the market for £67,500 and it is now waiting to be collected by its new owners in Silverstone.