A HAMPSHIRE dad left a cryptic message on the internet days before taking an overdose, an inquest has heard.

Southampton Coroner’s Court heard that William Walsh, 46, was found dead in his bedroom after drinking alcohol and taking medicine prescribed for his depression and bi-polar disorder.

The father-of-three had left a note on a social networking page days before his death, saying: “Have made the biggest decision of my life, hope my mates understand.”

The inquest heard that Mr Walsh, from Newbury Road, Shirley, would not tell his wife Corrine what he meant by the message.

He also told his wife, whom he had separated from, that she should have the children.

Coroner Keith Wiseman said there was a high standard of proof for recording a verdict of suicide but he could not be certain Mr Walsh intended to kill himself.

Recording an open verdict, he said: “Where there has been no previous attempt to takes his life, I have an option that I’m going to exercise to record an open verdict.”