STAND aside Harry Potter there is a new kid on the magical block.

Miles Thornton, 10, a pupil at Bitterne Park Junior School is on his way to becoming a master of magic.

Mini-magician Miles has been made the youngest ever member of Southampton based Associated Wizards of the South. The magic club was founded in 1911 and is the fourth oldest magical society in the UK and the sixth oldest in the world.

It even had world famous trickster Harry Houdini as an honorary member in its early years and at present has 54 members.

Miles is now privy to the tricks of the trade but he has been sworn to secrecy never to reveal any of the groups tricks.

The secretive sorcerers meet fortnightly at their headquarters in Woolston but their exact location is shrouded in mystery.

Geoff Gould, the club's membership secretary said Miles was allowed into the club because of his "wide eyed eagerness".

Geoff, 63, of Mansfield Road, Hythe, said: "Normally the junior membership is for 12-16 year olds but as he's so keen we have allowed him in at ten years old. He's the youngest member we have ever had."

Miles, a Harry Potter fan, said: "My pals are impressed with all my magic tricks and people are always asking me how I do them but I can't reveal that as I have signed papers with the group saying I won't.

Miles's mum, Wendy Jarvis, 44, of Avon Road, Midanbury, said: "I think they let him in because he's very good for a ten-year-old. I didn't think they would let him in until he was 14.

"He picks tricks up very quickly. Some of them take a lot of practice because his hand has to be quicker than the eye."

Miles has been attending the meetings since August. For more information visit