A former Liberal Democrat mayor of Eastleigh has thrown his support behind the UK Independence Party.

Glynn Davies-Dear, who was mayor between 2003 and 2004, tore up his Lib Dem membership card yesterday to join Diane James’s by-election campaign.

In a parting shot, he launched a scathing attack on disgraced former MP Chris Huhne, calling him an “inveterate liar”.

Mr Davies-Dear said: “I campaigned for him, delivering leaflets, knocking people’s doors saying ‘read this’. It was a wonderful glossy magazine about what a wonderful guy he was and his experience as a family man.

“And then what did we learn? The thing that really punctured my balloon once and for all – the man’s an inveterate liar. He always has been, he always will be.

“Unfortunately the rest of the party has gone the same way as him. They don’t care what lies they tell you. I left in disgust at the lies and the broken promises.”

Mr Davies-Dear served as a Lib Dem borough councillor for 20 years, and for 12 years as a county councillor.

He was joined in defecting to the party by Andy Moore, who served for three terms as a borough councillor in Eastleigh.

Mrs James said: “I am thrilled to have them on board. UKIP is a growing force in Eastleigh.”