RAPID response police teams are to be moved out of Fareham because there is not enough room at their station.

Police bosses are moving 30 rapid response officers five miles up the road to Park Gate to make space for more community support officers in the town.

The move, which takes place from Monday, is to allow police to concentrate more on community issues and neighbourhood policing. Chief Inspector Steven Wallace from Fareham said Park Gate was chosen to help keep a strong neighbourhood police presence.

"There are often more jobs in Fareham but the patrols will not be reduced and I am confident they will cope exactly as they are at the moment. Officers will not be sitting in Fareham waiting for a call, the majority of them will be out on patrols," he said.

There will now be five, ten-officer teams based at Park Gate which officers say will allow them to have more parking space. But some residents have raised fears of delays in getting to 999 calls in central Fareham.

Portchester councillor Roger price said: "If response times go downhill because they are based miles away from Portchester I will want to see them go back to Fareham."