WORKERS at Hampshire firm Pall (Europe) Ltd have donated more than 300 tins of pet food to the RSPCA's Stubbington Ark animal rescue centre.

Employees from the materials and engineering company donated the dog and cat food as well as dozens of blankets and towels to help the animals in addition to fundraising items such as used postage stamps and foreign coins.

Group import co-ordinator Lynne Millson organised the huge collection after staff at the Ark gave her advice on how to care for a pair of abandoned kittens.

She said: "The Stubbington Ark took in two abandoned kittens that had made a home in my garden. The staff were very friendly and gave me advice on how to capture the kittens safely.

"As the kittens could not be taken to the Ark on capture, they provided me with enough food until they had space at the shelter to take the kittens. As a thank you to the Ark I wanted to organise a donation."