VICTIMS of the Equitable Life collapse from Hampshire gathered to make their voice heard today as Eastleigh's by-election candidates canvassed for votes.

Around 50 pensioners who lost their savings when Equitable Life collapsed in 2000 rallied in Eastleigh's town centre, waving placards and demanding compensation for their loss.

Among the candidates they lobbied were Liberal Demorat Mike Thornton and UKIP's Diane James

An estimated 2,500 pensioners in the borough lost between 25 per cent and 60 per cent of their pensions as a result of the scandal.


Eastleigh resident and campaigner Ray Green said: “After a decade of campaigning we have been fobbed off with a fifth of what we have lost as a result of government maladministration.”

“They admit I have lost £26,000 from my pension but the government have paid me less than £6,000 blaming public spending cuts.

"I haven't noticed any other government expenditure being cut to the tune of 80 per cent or their other debts being defaulted on.

“So why should we carry the burden?”

The campaigners were seeking that the by-election candidates signed a pledge to support their compensation fight.