HE may be Marwell Zoo's newest arrival but this baby giraffe already has friends in high places.

Taharqa, left and below, is less than a month old but already stands 6ft tall.

However, the zoo's newest arrival still has a lot of growing to do if he is to reach the dizzying heights of his father Christopher, who at 17ft is one of the world's tallest animals. The two are pictured together.

Taharqa is the first giraffe to be born at the park near Winchester in more than a year and brings Marwell's giraffe herd up to a dozen.

He has been named after a powerful Nubian King from Africa who reigned from 710 to 664BC in an area that now includes Egypt.

Taharqa is also the first of what the park are hoping will be several more giraffe babies in the coming months.