The good people of Eastleigh have had to put up with quite a lot over the last few weeks - and it seems as though this householder has just about had enough.

Canvansser after canvasser have been plodding he streets of the borough knocking on residents' doors trying to drum up support for each party.

On top of that locals have had streams of leaflets and literature from all of the parties shoved through their letter box.

Now one homeowner in Hamble has got so fed up he has left the electioneers in no doubt exactly how he feels.

He has stuck a fistful of leaflets to his front door of his home in High Street with the mesaage "no more please" attached.

Earlier this week a Daily Echo poll revealed that up to a fifth of all voters in Eastleigh were so fed up with the by-election that they had no intention of voting for any party.

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