IT IS the last thing you would expect to find in the heart of a bustling town.

Popular with young families and elderly couples alike, this busy Hampshire street appears to be the perfect place to live.

With primary schools, a college, churches, a train station and a care home all within walking distance, it has almost everything you could wish for right on your doorstep.

But the Daily Echo can reveal that the road is also home to a sex club – run from the spacious home of a top Hampshire councillor.

Now an investigation has been launched by council chiefs into the premises – and the behaviour of the councillor.

Last night residents voiced their disgust at the club, while college staff and church leaders in the area also launched a furious backlash, after it emerged that party organisers encouraged visitors to use their private car parks rather than parking outside the house.

The revelation comes after “kinky hotel” Club Kiss was shut down by Southampton’s council chiefs in December, after hosting fetish nights in Woolston without planning permission.

The Daily Echo understands that similar parties, which are not illegal, have been held on a regular basis at the three-bedroom property on The Avenue, in Fareham, for around a year.

Daily Echo:

But the only sign of what goes on behind closed doors is a small notice stuck to the bay window, directing visitors to use a side entrance.

Yet behind the curtains, while neighbours settle down for a quiet Saturday night sat in front of the television, dozens of party-goers pile into the property to live out their sexual fantasies.

Scantily clad women of all ages wearing revealing tops, short skirts and lingerie are joined by men who largely come dressed for the occasion in black leather attire.

The doors open at 9pm for the 12- hour event – but it takes merely 90 minutes for the friendly chit chat among party goers to make way for whipping, beating and sexual games, featuring ropes, chains and even electrical equipment.

It is all part of the popular “MissUse” parties, which are held once a month at the home of Cllr David Fuller, below, – deputy chairman of Portsmouth City Council’s licensing committee and vice chairman of the authority’s planning committee.


Daily Echo:

Outside of his council work, where he is the Lib Dem representative for Fratton, Cllr Fuller also chairs the Fratton Community Association and runs the East Cosham House care home for the elderly.

Mistress Sarah, pictured outside the house below, and her partner, who goes by the name of Steve, charge a £15 entry fee per person at the venue as a “contribution” to soft drinks and a buffet.

They send out invitations to interested users via a social networking site for people who enjoy an “alternative lifestyle”.

Daily Echo:


The personal requests even encourage visitors to use the car parking facilities at Fareham College and St Philip Howard Church, in nearby Bishopsfield Road, to avoid clogging up the road and drawing unwanted suspicion from neighbours.

Nigel Duncan, principal at Fareham College, said: “We know absolutely nothing about these people.

“Our car park is locked at weekends, so they can’t use it and they certainly would not be welcome to.”

Inside the sex club - what our reporters saw

Father John Humphrey, from St Philip Howard Church said that their car park would usually be empty on a Saturday night.

But when our reporters visited the site, there were around a dozen vehicles using the private space.

Father John said: “I was totally unaware that this was going on. I don’t think it’s right that people should use private property without permission. It’s the equivalent of someone parking on your driveway.

“I haven’t got a comment on what they do in the house – they make their own moral decisions.

“But from our point of view it’s not right that these people are being told to use our car park. It’s an outrage.”

During the Daily Echo’s visit to the venue last month, Mistress Sarah told our reporters that she had been running swingers and fetish parties for 17 years.

This month’s party, which Mistress Sarah was due to host on Saturday, has been cancelled due to “problems with drainage” at the property.

When confronted by the Daily Echo last night, Cllr Fuller said: “I don’t do anything illegal, but I’d rather not carry on this conversation.”


Daily Echo:


Lib Dem leader of Portsmouth City Council, Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, last night vowed to launch an investigation.

He told the Daily Echo: “This is the first I’ve heard of it. I will talk to Cllr Fuller and find out what has been going on.

“Until I have heard from him I do not want to make any further comment.”

Fareham Borough Council leader, Sean Woodward, said: “I was not aware of this at all. I can assure everyone that there are no clubs of this sort with planning consent operating in Fareham.

“Now that I know more about it, we can look into whether it requires planning consent and send in our planning officers.

“If it’s a club that people are paying to come to then I’m sure it would require some sort of planning permission, which we have definitely not granted.”

Cllr Woodward added: “If we find that the venue requires planning and licensing consent then obviously they can apply for it and the residents will have the chance to make their feelings known, but there have been no formal complaints about the club so far that I’m aware of.

“In the same way that we have a policy of no casinos in Fareham, this certainly sounds like something we would not want in the borough.”

Despite repeated attempts to contact Mistress Sarah yesterday, she refused to answer her mobile phone.