DAILY Echo reporters arrived at the MissUse party just after 9pm, parking at St Philip Howard Church as instructed by Mistress Sarah.

We walked the short distance up Bishopsfield Road and around the corner to number 33, where we were greeted by two middle-aged women wearing black coats and fishnet stockings, stood at the end of the driveway smoking.

The door opened up into a small utility area, which led to the end of the kitchen, where Mistress Sarah and Steve stood behind a bar area, serving drinks and taking entry fees.

Mistress Sarah instructed a female colleague to give us a tour of the home, showing off the various rooms on offer for guests to use.

First stop was the large, L-shaped lounge, which had been kitted out with a red and beige patterned carpet and two black leather sofas.

The room was very dim, with candles on the fireplace and glare from a widescreen television in the corner of the room offering the main sources of light.

A laptop had been plugged into the TV, which played music and showed pornographic films on loop throughout the night.

In the centre of room lie two wooden horses with leather padding, where people would be strapped down and whipped or beaten with wooden paddles during the party.

The partygoers, of whom there were around 50, began the night by mingling and chatting, but visitors would think nothing of laying on the horses to be whipped, while others looked on or continued their conversations.

This all took place directly in front of wooden cabinets with glass shelves, which had been placed up against the walls, displaying various ornaments and pictures of Cllr Fuller.

The room moved round into what would usually be the dining area, with a small table set up with a spread of buffet food.

Inside a ‘sunroom’ that joined the lounge to a patio area lie a structure made out of metal poles, almost like scaffolding, with chains and leather straps hanging from the corners to restrain people by their arms, ankles and neck.

One younger partygoer, who was aged in his late twenties and wore leather trousers and a dog collar, spent the night walking around on all fours pretending to be a dog.

We were told that he was forbidden from talking to anyone unless his master gave him permission to.

In one bedroom, a girl was made into what she called a “human piñata” by having bubble-wrap taped to her back and being whipped by four men, while a crowd of around 20 people looked on.

It was also, said Cllr Fuller, policy of the club to keep all doors open throughout the house at all times.

And just as we were thinking of leaving the venue, Cllr Fuller promised us a “live lesbian show” after 1am – but Daily Echo reporters left before this took place.