RESIDENTS in The Avenue were oblivious to a sex club in their community.

Even pensioner Audrey McCoy, who lives next door, was unaware of what has been going on in the neighbouring property which is yards from St Jude’s Catholic Primary School and Fareham College.

“It is a nice area, a quiet neighbourhood. What someone does in their own home is their own business,” the 81-year-old said.

Margaret Greaves, 66, who has lived in The Avenue for six years, said:

“We’d be very concerned if the activity escalated and started to spread out.

There’s always a concern with that kind of thing because it tends to lead to other things.”

Linda Stubbs, 60, was also shocked.

“It sounds like a Victorian drama, with very strange goings-on in other people’s houses. My only concern is if it spreads out into the community. You don’t expect to have a club like that in this area,” she said.

Les Ballard, 71, a retired police officer, said it was too close to the college and the school.

“It certainly is a shock. It’s unusual.

Round here everyone knows each other.

We will be keeping an eye out from now on,” he added.

Churchgoer John Hardy was also unaware of what was going on.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate at a residential address. If it was someone in my church I would have something to say about it to them,” he said.