IT’S billed as the ideal office where you really can work, rest and play - and it's in Hampshire.

Located at the end of a pier, it has swings, golfing opportunities plus an “adult” helter-skelter slide connecting floors.

It also boasts its own pub and a cinema – and there’s even a place where putting your feet up is the office rule.

But taking time out to enjoy these facilities is all in a day’s work for staff at Southampton’s hottest new workplace.

Before it officially opens next week, the Daily Echo was granted a sneak preview.

Business office designers Space & Solutions, based in New Milton, were tasked with turning the former Around the World pub in Town Quay into the offbeat base for IT company, Peer 1 Hosting.

Their design brief was to transform the 17,000 sq ft office into “the best place in the UK to work”.

Lead designer Sarah O’Callaghan said fun and play was at the heart of the vision.

She said: “It is a very young and forward thinking company.

Daily Echo:

“The whole space has been designed with the help of the staff.

“There was a huge consultation process that has been amalgamated into what we see here.

“I think there are times when people use their initiative a hell of a lot more because of their environment.

“If you don’t feel comfortable sitting at a desk you can sit on a picnic bench. The reality is that you can do your work from anywhere.”

Dominic Monkhouse, senior vice president of customer experience and a managing director, said: “When people come for an interview we want anyone we want to hire to come and work for us.”

Swinging a golf club, shooting pool or simply settling down for a spot of yoga is all part and parcel of an average working day.

And Mr Monkhouse said anyone could use the leisure facilities whenever they liked.

Daily Echo:

“We are trusting,” he said.

“Everyone is a peer rather than a parent and child relationship.”

But while this may seem like skiving off, the company believes it actually boosts productivity.

“People tend to go through highs and lows throughout the day, but if you do something different for a few minutes, actually your performance goes up,” Mr Monkhouse said.

As well as laying on fun activities, the office has plenty of places for staff to have a quiet moment when work gets on top of them.

This includes a coffee bar, a chill out space, log cabins and the local pub called The Sherlock Arms, named after a company founder, Gary Sherlock.

There are also two flats to host overseas guests.

Outside there is a terrace but inside there is a “garden” complete with a 15ft tree plus picnic benches and toad stools.

There is also an artificial grass amphitheatre for video conferences or interactive training.

Humour is also important. On one side of a main meeting room there is a “Going the Extra Mile” board – while on the other is “Cock Up of the Month”.

And then there’s the slide built for adults. Mrs O’Callaghan said: “People use it all the time. It is not just for staff, it is for clients too.

“It is also part of the interview process. If they don’t go down it, they are not buying into the culture of the business.”

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