A RETIRED police officer who suffered from depression was found hanged in the Southampton home of his brother, an inquest heard.

David Britton was found in a bedroom of the Bassett home by his family three days into his stay, which he often did when felt “particularly low”.

Southampton Coroner’s Court heard how the 52- year-old, who lived in Essex, was discovered hanging on the morning of February 22.

The night before the family had enjoyed a meal together before Mr Britton, who was single, went to bed just before midnight.

During the night his brother and sister-in-law recall waking up and hearing a thud but assumed it was someone going to the toilet and thought nothing of it.

Coroner Keith Wiseman said that there was no indication that he was going to take his own life and that Mr Britton, who was diagnosed with mixed anxiety and depressive disorder in June 2004, did not leave a note.

He recorded a verdict that Mr Britton took his own life.