Chris Huhne's ex-wife is to publish a book based on the diaries she kept during her recent two months in prison, her publisher announced today.

The book, titled Prisonomics, will be published in early September, Biteback Publishing said today.

The book is not said to be a full memoir, but will draw on diaries the economist kept during her period in prison.

Mother-of-five Pryce was released from jail today after serving two months of an eight-month sentence for perverting the course of justice.

In a statement read by lawyer Robert Brown as she returned to her home in Clapham, south-west London, she said she was looking forward to returning to her career in economics.

The new book will use a style similar to Pryce's previous publication Greekonomics, also published by Biteback, and is said to be a very personal book examining prison life, but also a hardhitting economic analysis of the cost to the economy of keeping women in prison.

Pryce said: ''I am pleased Biteback will again be publishing a book of mine. I kept a diary while in prison and I have some strong views on how the prison system works, especially with regard to how it treats women.

''I will use personal experience to back up my arguments but I must be clear that this book is more than a memoir - it will analyse how prison works, and should work, very much from an economic perspective.''

Biteback managing director Iain Dale added: ''I have known Vicky for a long time and published her previous book, Greekonomics, which has sold very well.

''Vicky is very clear on what this book is and what it isn't, and so am I. She has a unique perspective on the judicial process and how prison works, or doesn't, and her book will, I am sure, be a compelling read.

''I am delighted to be publishing it.''