IT’S the show for women everywhere, starring 80s pop superstar Toyah Willcox.

The singer and actress is at The Mayflower on Sunday in Hormonal Housewives.

Sketches look at everything that makes today’s woman tick (or ticked off), from the joys of teenagers, to the challenge of IKEA, the madness of holiday reps and the insanity of DIY.

Toyah told Your Entertainment: “It’s a bit of fun. The aim of the show is definitely to have fun. Nothing’s off limits, we talk about PMS, intimate waxing, labour pains and competitive mothers at the school gates.

“I’m not a mum, but the majority of women in the audience are mums so anything about giving birth and the time afterwards gets the biggest reaction. And when you become a bigger size in your favourite shop, everyone gets that one. The reaction to some of it is like a tidal wave.

“For every 900 women, I reckon there are six men so they definitely stand out. They are possibly there to see me as they’ve come to my rock concerts in the past, but even so I think they are very brave. It’s not exactly a family show, we talk about incontinence and do have a little moan about men!