THE brutal killing of Drummer Lee Rigby cannot be used a springboard for more attacks and reprisals.

That was the message of a mum who led a group of 15 to Romsey’s war memorial to lay flowers in memory of Drummer Rigby.

Julie Burman, 48, said: “We should be thinking about the grieving mums at this time – Lee’s mother and the mothers of the two men who made that attack.”

The mum of four and her companions formed a circle, held, hands and observed 30 seconds’ silence in memory of Drummer Rigby, whose death had prompted a backlash of religious hatred and racism, including mosque attacks and social media comments.

Julie, who served in the Royal Navy before becoming a teacher, said: “We’ve got our different political opinions here but we don’t have to hate each other because of them.”

Police have arrested ten people in connection with the deathof Drummer Rigby so far.