HAMPSHIRE television star Esther Rantzen has confessed that she has been wearing a wig for three decades after being cursed with thin hair.

The That's Life presenter held her hands up and admitted that if you have seen her on the television or on the red carpet, she was most likely wearing a wig.

Despite trying volumising shampoos and root lifting mousses and sprays she found nothing would work on her terribly fine hair and while many women moan of having a Bad Hair Day, she says she has been forced to have a Bad Hair Life.

She describes taking the first “desperate step” of buying one when she was in her 30's and since then she has often worn one to add that extra bit of bounce and glamour.

Currently she tells how she has seven wigs, buying a new one every time she has changed the colour of her hair.

But she has not opted for the expensive wigs, made of real hair, she had gone for the “cheap and cheerful nylon variety”, which cost around £80.

Her decision to come clean about her “secret wig addiction” was made after realising that these wigs have looked like “a cheap wig on a desperate woman with baby-fine hair” and has vowed to give up on them for good.

She said: “Looking back I don't think really they've ever done me any favours.

“My hair may be flat, fine and limp, but it's still my own.

“And I'd rather have the shame of a flat do than constantly live with the fear of a gust of wind revealing my terrible, hair-raising secret.”