SOUTHAMPTON dance sensation ‘Poppin Ron’ has missed out on making it through to the final of Britain’s Got Talent.

Falah Hasan, known by his stage name of ‘Poppin Ron’, produced an emotive and mesmerising performance during tonight’s live semi-final.

But he failed to gain enough public votes, losing out to impressionist Francine Lewis and singer Asanda Jezile.

Dancing to Maverick Sabre’s I Need, he wowed the crowds with his weightless style of technical street dance.

His routine impressed three of the four judges – with only Simon Cowell hitting the red buzzer.

Simon described his routine as “indulgent” and said he “hated” the song choice.

He said: “I would have buzzed earlier for anyone else other than you. Because I like you so much, I let it go on.

“I have to be honest with you, I hated the song. I thought it was very indulgent. You were so much fun and you are such a great dancer.

“It’s about entertainment and it felt like something you were doing for yourself, so I just couldn’t get it at all I’m afraid. Sorry.”

But fellow judge David Walliams disagreed, adding Falah’s performance was “really moving”.

He said: “No I don’t agree with Simon. He didn’t get it.

“The thing is, you were doing something really special up there, really moving. It was sort of fusing dance with theatre and it was a very emotional piece and that was entertaining.

“It just wasn’t shiny, happy and clappy which obviously you can’t see beyond that Simon, which is a shame – you are very limited.”

His comments were supported by Alesha Dixon, who said: “From everyone we met across the auditions, when you got through no one was more grateful than you were.

“Your reaction was fantastic. I feel your passion. I know what you were trying to do, tell a story, that’s what dance is all about – expression for that music.

“But for me you didn’t flow as well as I know you can. I think that is probably nerves but I didn’t feel as relaxed watching you as I thought I would.”

Lastly, judge Amanda Holden gave her verdict.

She said: “Ron you have been on an incredible journey in your life and I’m just glad you’re safe now, and you’re in our country and you’ve had this opportunity and for that I salute you.

“You really did your best tonight. It might have taken you on a different way, a way that might not have been appreciated on this panel.

“But as Alesha said you did a great job and you should be very proud of yourself.”

Afterwards Falah told Ant and Dec: “I ‘m just really, really proud and I want to thank the judges for the opportunity.

“I was very grateful for everybody who supported me, I thank my family, so I’m very happy.”

As previously reported by the Daily Echo, Falah said tonight’s appearance would be the “most important day” of his life and dedicated his performance to his family.

He fled his native Syria with his brother in 2004 after his parents were killed.

He was fostered in Southampton and began to dance and now runs dance classes in the city.