SOUTHAMPTON Operatic Society is combining two of Gilbert & Sullivan’s best known light operas into a single tale. The result promises to entertain the society’s traditional fan base, while attracting new audiences by revealing the untapped comedy value in these Victorian tales.

HMS Pinafore and Trial by Jury are two of Gilbert & Sullivan’s shorter operettas, so it is not unusual to see them performed together. But in this innovative production, SOS director David Tattnall has created an extended tale that deals with everything from hopeless love to jealous retribution.

In HMS Pinafore, the lowly sailor Ralph is in love with Josephine, the Captain’s daughter – a lass above his station. Fast forward to Trial by Jury and a furious Josephine wants her day in court following Ralph’s breach of promise. The two-in-one-tale charts the rise and fall of their romance with some naughty twists that will have you laughing from first bell to curtain down.