“IF they had done their jobs properly this would never have happened”.

That was the verdict from the mother whose daughter was at the centre of sex abuse claims at a Hampshire special school in reaction to its closure.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she felt sad that people had not done their jobs properly and that she was living with the consequences of that every day.

Daily Echo: Stanbridge Earls School

She spoke out as Stanbridge Earls School in Romsey confirmed it will shut for good from December 1, as revealed exclusively by the Daily Echo last night.

In a letter to parents, head teacher Maggie McMurray said the many difficulties the school had faced had led to a drop in numbers with many local authorities deciding not to place pupils there.

She said, as a result, the £39,000-a-year school was now in financial circumstances that could “only be said to add to our concerns”.

Although Stanbridge Earls is closing, another school will open on the site run by More House School in Frensham, Surrey. More House is a residential special school and the new school in Romsey will be run as a “sister school”.

Mrs McMurray said she hoped that this would ensure there was a school on the site in the future able to cater for children’s needs.

The closure follows a Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Disability Tribunal earlier this year, which found that Stanbridge Earls had discriminated against the girl and that staff members failed to tell the youngster’s parents that she had complained of pain in an intimate part of her body.

As reported by the Daily Echo, the tribunal found that a vulnerable youngster had suffered “appalling abuse” at the hands of another student, while the school was slammed by panel members for being “unsystematic, unprofessional, ad hoc and completely inadequate” when it came to protecting the youngster, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Responding to the closure, the youngster’s mother said: “It’s truly sad that it’s taken us going through a legal process to get this outcome.

“I just feel if they had done their jobs properly and safeguarded their pupils this would never have happened.”

She expressed her concern that there was now a school full of children without places.

“I don’t feel thrilled, I don’t feel anything. I’m just sorry it’s taken this length of time for people to actually realise how bad this school was.

"I live with a broken child. I live with it every day, the consequences of what’s happened from people not doing their job, people not actually taking responsibility for safeguarding their pupils.”

Daily Echo: Stanbridge Earls School

An Ofsted inspection prior to the tribunal had classified the school as “outstanding”.

Earlier this month the Daily Echo reported how the body has taken disciplinary action against some of the staff involved in their investigation of the school.

It has also made a number of emergency inspections highlighting the need for more improvements to be made.

Detectives from Hampshire police’s public protection department are currently examining whether “further criminal offences” have been committed against other youngsters who have attended the school.

Previous head teacher Peter Trythall stood down in April.

Among others who have stepped down are chairman of governors Tony Knight and fellow governor Claire Marsden who both cited personal reasons for leaving.

However other parents have been supportive of the school.

Mum Louise Flanagan, whose son has attended Stanbridge Earls for one year, said: “Reading between the lines it’s to draw a line under what has happened before and that’s not a bad idea to me.

“We have had a rough time and to link forces with another school that has a good reputation, a good track record and bring fresh expertise will be good. It’s a name change, with a new set of governors – if anything it will be a new direction and a new vision.

“My son is thriving there.

Academically he is doing the best he has ever done.”

Another mum, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “I am angry that it has come to this because this is a fantastic school.

“I’m not really bothered about the name change because in essence it will remain the same – it will just give the staff and students some stability.

“The staff are amazing, as are the children.

“I have always been happy with the school and my son has been happy there. It has turned his life around.”

The fall of Stanbridge Earls: