ADVENTURERS can now navigate the great outdoors using the world’s first wearable map – which can even be put in the washing machine.

Cyclists, walkers, horse riders and orienteers can use the unique maps from Chandler’s Ford firm Splashmaps which can be tied in knots and even worn as scarves.

The polyester-made maps are aimed at anyone on an outdoor adventure and can be used in all weather conditions.

As well as helping users navigate, they could also help to keep them warm if used as a scarf.

They differ from normal paper maps as the ink is imbedded into the fabric rather than printed on top of it.

What’s more, the designs can be customised in size, scale and location.

Users can also draw their own routes on to the maps with a non-permanent pen and then put them in the washing machine ready for next time.

The maps were designed by David Overton, a former innovation manager at mapping agency Ordnance Survey.

David, 43, said: “I got very frustrated at having to use normal paper maps which got soaked and then I’d have to do some kind of origami to fold it back again.

“I also created SplashMaps because of the annoyances people experience with GPS and satellite problems.

“Our maps are completely unique, there is nobody else doing this at all.”

Prices range from £18.99 to £25 and are available for all of Britain’s national parks.