Handy keyboard shortcuts are great time savers as they can speed up your activities in programs such as Word, Excel or even when you are browsing the Internet.

Stop wasting your time and increase your productivity by learning and using the top 13 keyboard shortcuts I’ve collected here for you.

What keyboard keys we will use:

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Windows users

  1. Control Key – Ctrl
  2. Windows key
  3. Delete key – Delete or Del
  4. Shift key – Shift
  5. Function keys - F1-F12


Top keyboard shortcuts to use in Word & Excel

The following keyboard shortcuts will help you to create and edit your word document much faster and more efficiently than if you used only the mouse. 

  1. CTRL + O To open a document
  2. CTRL + A To highlight the whole document
  3. CTRL + C To copy the highlighted text
  4. CTRL + V To paste copied text/document
  5. CTRL + Z To undo last action; it brings back what you have deleted
  6. CTRL + Y To redo it when you realise you want it back after all
  7. CTRL + F To open the search bar – you can find any words/text in a document
  8. F7 To run a spell check of the whole document
  9. CTRL + P To print the page you are viewing.


Top keyboard shortcuts to use in your Internet browser

You can even speed up your browsing using the following keyboard shortcuts:

  1. CTRL + T To open the new lab
  2. CTRL + W To close the current tab
  3. CTRL + SHIFT + T To reopen the closed tab
  4. F6 To highlight the address bar


Bonus – our 2 most favourite keyboard shortcuts

  • Windows key + D To show the desktop The most important shortcut is for locking your computer so nobody can access it and steal your data:
  • Windows key + L To lock your computer Download our top 13 keyboard shortcuts now!

You can download our top 13 keyboard shortcuts so you have a printout of the commands next to your PC until you memorise them. Click here Need a hand or have a question? We are always ready and happy to help!

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