SOUTHAMPTON man, Henrik Dahle, climbed a different tree every day for a year and he’s now turning his adventure into a book to inspire others with a passion for the planet.

Over 365 days he travelled through ten countries climbing trees; climbed with 43 others in one tree, interviewed a Middle Eastern dancer, actors in character, a class of nine-year-old children, a woman who needed and then got a heart transplant, professors, economists, artists, musicians, carpenters - the list goes on. He also interviewed the Echo’s Sally Churchward while she was interviewing him!

Each tree offered something different. Henrik interviewed 80 fascinating people from all walks of life up trees and documented his journey through these conversations and some beautiful photographs. He even finished the project with his own ‘family tree’ party.

36 year old Henrik is now putting everything he has into creating a book from this project and is trying to make this happen with the help of crowd-funding.

He is offering lots of incentives for people to buy the book, all the way from having your name in it, to offering to build you a treehouse!

Henrik said: “I want to be part of the solution in my own way – offering a creative way to start a debate. We all know the world is in trouble – we don’t have much time left – we need to act now. We can’t carry on the way we are; the system is going to collapse.

“I’ve had an adventure and met loads of amazing people and had unusual conversations in trees and I’ve used the trees as a framework for a performance space. Each tree is its own performance or art space – each tree provoked a new idea or a concept.

“The book highlights some of the problems that the earth faces and discusses them and talks about some of the solutions.

“Under the bark of a tree there are lots of dots – all those dots are potentially branches – so if anything happens to the tree, it’s ready to go and send out new branches – that is a powerful metaphor for hope.”

Visit for more information and to buy a copy of the book.