THE PRIME Minister has today revealed his support for fracking, insisting that people in the south must accept it.

David Cameron has set out his argument in favour of the controversial method of extracting gas, asserting that it will not ruin the countryside and that it will be vital in the battle to find sources of cheap energy for Britain.

Cheaper energy bills, tens of thousands of jobs and windfalls for those communities sitting on vast reserves of shale gas are all benefits which he believes makes fracking worthwhile.

He said that it would be wrong to suggest that fracking should only take place in the north of England because fewer people live there and urges people in the south to get behind it.

He added: “I want all parts of our nation to share in the benefits: north or south, Conservative or Labour...If neighbourhoods can really see the benefits – and get proper reassurance about the environment – then I don’t see why fracking shouldn’t get real public support.”