HE is a brave young schoolboy who has melted hearts in his battle against aggressive childhood cancer.

Now Isaac Fitzgerald has transformed into a mini superhero to front an NHS campaign urging donors to give blood to save other youngsters suffering from devastating diseases.

The seven-year-old from Southampton sported a striking blue cape and Superman cap to promote the NHS Blood and Transplant Summer Superhero Road Show at Paultons Park – a national initiative encouraging people to donate blood for platelets transfusions.

Isaac, who lives in Bitterne, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in December of last year. The disease restricts the number of blood cells created in the bone marrow.

The Bitterne Manor Primary School pupil needed an emergency platelet transfusion days after being diagnosed and three more transfusions during his seven-month course of chemotherapy.

He is in remission but will need monthly chemotherapy for the next 30 months.

Mum Anne, 39, is already a donor, while dad Lloyd was among more than 100 people signing up on the day.

Anne said: “We are so thankful for the help we’ve had and we are so pleased we have been able to give something back.

“Hisdiagnosis was so frightening and awful. It was the worst news that we’ve ever had.

“There’s doubt my son would have survived if he hadn’t had somebody’s blood and chemotherapy makes a child so ill he wouldn’t have survived it if he didn’t have the platelets.

“It’s relatively easy and painless to give blood and if a child can endure needles in their treatment and still keep smiling then an adult can do it to help them.”

Isaac, whose f a v o urite superhero is Batman, is hoping to start back at school in September. He said: “It’s good for people to give blood to help children keep their blood levels up.”

NHS Blood and Transplant lead donor relations manager Geraldine Parker said: “We want to thank all our donors – ordinary people who do an extraordinary thing by giving blood and helping save the lives of people they don’t know – they really are true superheroes.”

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