HE IS known for his adrenaline- fuelled adventures that have seen him take on the wrath of mother-nature.

But Bear Grylls faced a much smoother ride as he sailed into Southampton on his very own boat – to the delight of fans who gathered along the marina.

The former SAS soldier arrived at the PSP Southampton Boat show in his Sealegs vessel, which he has offered to exhibit for the duration of the annual nautical extravaganza.

His boat, which he bought just six weeks ago, caught the attention of the crowds because it can be used both on the water and on land thanks to the addition of three wheels.

With just a push of a button, the revolutionary craft can be transformed from an all-terrain vehicle into a high-speed, ocean-going speed boat, perfect for anyone who lives on the waterfront.

The 7.7 RIB, which costs £113,000, proved to be the perfect buy for the Chief Scout, who uses it to commute from his island off the north of Wales to the mainland.

On the water the vessel reaches speeds of up to 42 knots, but on land can only reach 10mph.

Russell Hayden, manager of Salterns Brokerage, which is the UK dealer for the vessel, said: “Bear absolutely loves the boat.

“This really suits his needs. It is perfect for what he uses it for.

“Bear very kindly offered to drive it down for us to exhibit at this show and we have had a lot of interest. “Anybody with a waterfront home would find this vessel ideal for them because you can literally drive it up the beach into your garden, without any need for the marina.

“There is even one owner who lives in Warsash who has got it fully licensed to be used on the road.”

Bear arrived on Saturday afternoon as thousands enjoyed everything that the 45th edition of the PSP Southampton Boat Show had to offer, despite the constant threat of a downpour.

Youngsters took the opportunity to get out on the water and try a bit of paddle boarding, guided by their instructor around the water of Mayflower Park.

Those with a soft-spot for all things nautical got the chance to delight in a feast of boats, engines and seafaring equipment as they toured the makeshift marina, which has been specially erected for the nine-day event.