OFFICIALS from a Spanish port got an insight into how the port in Southampton works.

Miguel Angel Paneque Sosa, the director of the Andalucia Port Authority, was invited to the PSP Southampton Boat Show by boating berth company MDL Marinas.

It comes after the firm and the port authority signed an agreement to launch a new English-speaking concierge service in the region.

The aim is to make boating throughout Andalusia a more relaxing and accessible experience for British boaters.

Mr Sosa said: “This is the first time we have been in Southampton and walking around the Boat Show is impressive.

“The main difference between the two areas is the weather. It is completely different in the UK; the conditions and navigation is different.

“We want to set up lasting relationships because we have a big network in Andalusia and we manage 13 ports.

“We want to do something for the future and see what we can collaborate with.

“We hope in the future that we will have a small space or stand at the boat show for Andalucia. We should be here next year.”